On The Drawing Board

Love it when tec works!

Over the years we’ve designed a lot of our own fabric to work into costumes and decor.

I am loving working with the branding of the Shop Front Festival to create some bespoke fabric to dress the city (as we are the official #citydressers).  Every time I design fabric and need to 

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Nightmares and Nibbles

Tickets are on sale for our immersive experience in October in partnership with the Herbert Art Gallery.  Join Dr Frankenstein in the opening of a new laboratory exploring ‘you are what you eat’.

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Developing the Vortex


Since creating our award winning and namesake wearable art the Vortex it has been something we’ve looked to develop.  

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Nicola makes a baby…..


We don’t do things like other folk.  Who wants a small bundle of joy, when you can have a giant?  We’re just glad we aren’t changing the nappies!  The baby has the staring role in Highly Sprung’s performance as part of the NT connections project.

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It’s been a crazy two months, but a few tons of glitter, moss, blood sweat and tears and the Lost Gift opens tomorrow!  Got your tickets? http://www.warwickartscentre.co.uk/thelostgift

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LSS Designs

Well designs for the LSS have been signed off. Hoorah!

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