Let us tell you a story….

In between preparations for the first Shop Front Festival in Coventry, we designed and made a story backdrop for the Story Museum in Oxford for their upcoming event in John Lewis.

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In need of an expert? *cough* *cough*

It had been reported recently that the cafe in St Marys Guildhall, Coventry is going to paint the ceiling to brighten the space.  If you live in a Coventry terrace house I think that’s a reasonable solution.  

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Mardi Gras!

With Vortex beginnings firmly rooted in Carnival we LOVED styling a Mardi Gras event for Coventry University this week!

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So, we are only 6 weeks into the new year, and we’ve already made 15 trees!

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Leading curious clients down the rabbit hole.

We were back at the Waldorf in London with our clients from the Maple Court Social Committee at the weekend.

It is our third year delivering their annual party, and for us it’s a great example of trust and how believing in people gets even better results.

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As you might have heard Coventry was announced as UK City of Culture 2021!
If you watched the announcement last thursday, you might have seen Maz and myself jumping up and down on live TV with joyful tears surrounded by a large crowd of Coventry’s creatives.

We have already been asked what does this mean for us?

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Roll Up Roll Up!

Apologies, as we might have used that title once or twice before, as you know we LOVE a circus!

We were delighted to be asked by the Coventry Transport Museum to transform 

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It’s a Wrap!

You might have guessed by now, we love a good bow! (and that it is the time of year for VC HQ to be a hive of glittery activity!)

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